About Lauer, Jersa & Associates

Lauer, Jersa & Associates was founded by Russell Lauer in 1996 as The Lauer Appraisal Company and was changed to Lauer, Jersa & Associates in 2019 when Michael Jersa joined as a partner.   Lauer, Jersa & Associates has in house research on over 10,000 commercial properties in the St. Louis area and appraising experience in a wide variety of commercial property types.  Our team is listed below.

Michael Jersa

Michael was a commercial broker since 2008 and began appraising in 2012.  Michael became a partner in 2019, is a certified general appraiser, in Missouri and Illinois, is a CCIM and is a candidate for designation in the Appraisal Institute



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Keith McFarland, ASA

Keith has worked in the commercial appraisal field since 1987. Prior to joining Lauer Appraisal, Mr. McFarland was Associate Director of St. Louis Operations for Cushman & Wakefield, operated his own appraisal practice, and served as Appraisal Director for Marshall and Stevens Valuation.



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Russell Lauer

Russ has been appraising for over 30 years and is our resident MAI appraiser.  Russ is a certified general appraiser in Missouri and Illinois and has experience in all property types as well as real estate investing. 

Senior Appraiser/Consultant


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Jeff Hilgert

Jeff has been appraising since 2011 and is a certified general appraiser licensed in Missouri.   Jeff has experience in all commercial property types including special purpose properties and vacant land.

Senior Appraiser


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Susan Meldrum

Susan is a certified general appraiser licensed in Missouri with 15 years experience in all forms of commercial real estate property types.  Susan is currently working towards her MAI designation.

Senior Appraiser


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Andrea Jersa

Andrea has over 20 years experience in the financial services  industry and joined Lauer in 2018.  Andrea is working on her certified general appraisal license.



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